Who plays Michael Myers in Halloween H2O?

Answer In "Halloween H20," Michael Myers is played by actor Chris Durand. However, in the movie, he is credited as "The Shape." This sequel premiered 20 years after the original "Halloween" movie.Source:... Read More »

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Who played Michael Myers in'Halloween'in 2007?

Two actors played Michael Myers in the 2007 version of "Halloween." In the scenes with Myers as a young boy, actor Daeg Faerch plays the part. For scenes of Michael as an adult, he's played by acto... Read More »

Who played Michael Myers in"Halloween"in 2007?

Two actors played the sociopathic murderer Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's 2007 horror film "Halloween." Daeg Faerch was Michael as a 10-year-old child; Canadian actor Tyler Mane portrayed the adult ... Read More »

Is Seth Myers single?

According to Google, as of today (10/8/10) he is single. But I plan to change that. ;-)

Myers-Briggs Analysis?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, is a personality inventory used in work and other organizational settings and for self reflection. Once you complete the inventory, your scores are compile... Read More »