How to Appreciate Marilyn Manson?

Answer Many great philosophers and thinkers were mocked or hated in their time, people who think outside of the box often are. Our age is no different; great thinkers are mocked instead of revered, and on... Read More »

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How to Wear Makeup Like Marilyn Manson?

When speaking of modern-day shock rockers, the mind inevitably wanders to self-made outcast Marilyn Manson. His outrageous looks have become synonymous with the taboo lyrics that have spawned his l... Read More »

How many albums has Marilyn Manson sold?

Despite his controversial style, Marilyn Manson--or Brian Hugh Warner--is a very successful recording artist. The self-dubbed Antichrist Superstar has sold more than 11 million albums in the United... Read More »

How to Dress Like Marilyn Manson or a Shock Rocker?

Want to shake up your image or amp up your shock factor? This article will help.

What is Marilyn Manson's ancestry on his mother's side?

Marilyn Manson is the only child of Barb Warner (born Barb Wyer). She was Episcopalian, and her son was raised in her religion. His maternal grandmother was a fourth cousin to political commentator... Read More »