Who is MPP for Ontario?

Answer According to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, as of April 2010, there are 107 Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Ontario, including 72 from the Ontario Liberal Party, 25 from the Conser... Read More »

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What is the distance between Toronto, Ontario and Windsor, Ontario?

Via road, the distance between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario, is roughly 225 miles. The route, which travels southwest through such Ontario cities as Oakville, Hamilton, and London, takes approximat... Read More »

Does Anybody know were they are Hiring in the Ontario Rancho area or inside the Ontario Mills?

Here are some listings for you in your area.…

How far is Niagara Falls, Ontario from St. Catharines, Ontario?

Via road, the distance between St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is roughly 12 miles. The city of Niagara Falls, Ontario is home to the Canadian "Horseshoe" Falls, the only of the t... Read More »

How do I buy a moped in Ontario?

Mopeds are two-wheel motorized vehicles. In the U.S. the term "moped" is applied to motor scooters and motor-assisted bicycles alike. Ontario's motor vehicle law defines a moped as a limited speed ... Read More »