When does Lois Lane find out that Clark Kent is Superman in the TV show Lois and Clark?

Answer She originally finds out Clark Kent and Superman are one in the same in the first episode with H.G. Wells after Tempus- the evil man from the future- tells her by putting on a pair of glasses sayin... Read More »

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How to Act Like Lois Lane of Smallville?

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Who was the original Lois Lane in the Superman movie?

Margot Kidder was born in Yellowknife, Canada on October 17, 1948. Margot decided at a young age that acting was her calling. In 1978, she starred as Lois Lane in the original "Superman" movie.Sour... Read More »

Who plays Lois Lane in the new"Superman"movie?

The role of Lois Lane is played by Kate Bosworth in the 2006 movie "Superman Returns." Bosworth's other film credits include "The Rules of Attraction," "The Horse Whisperer" and "Blue Crush." She a... Read More »

When Lois find out that clark is Superman in Lois and clark?

last episode of season 2... but you do not know that she knows intill season 3's frist episode.