If anyone has Hughes Net for their?

Answer Honestly, anyone with DSL should never ever look at HughesNet. I would take it over dialup, but I would take even the slowest DSL over HughesNet.Exede is much faster than HughesNet, but if I had DS... Read More »

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Is hughes net an isp?

HughesNet is a an ISP, or Internet service provider. It differs from cable or broadband in that HughesNet is provided by satellite. HughesNet provides high-speed Internet connection for those livin... Read More »

What is the origin of the name hughes?

The surname Hughes came to England with the Norman Invasion of 1066. It derives from an Old French name based on the Germanic "hug," meaning heart or mind. In Wales, the name Hughes comes from the ... Read More »

Who is Elicia Hughes?

Elicia Hughes was a wife, mother and third-grade teacher living in Mississippi in 2004 when she was accused of murdering her husband, Brian Hughes. Her first trial ended with a guilty verdict but a... Read More »

Where does my surname'hughes'come from?

According to the Coat of Arms Store website, there are many versions of the surname Hughes. The name is commonly found in both Ireland and Wales and is thought to date back to the Welsh Brythonic-C... Read More »