Was king James a black man?

Answer yes

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Who publishes the new King James Bible?

The New King James Bible is published by the Thomas Nelson publishing company. The company began in 1798 when Thomas Nelson started selling bibles in the city square of Edinburgh, Scotland.Referenc... Read More »

Who wrote the King James version?

The King James version of the Bible was written by 47 translators of the 54 nominated by King James I of England in 1604. Their work was finished in 1611.References:Bible Gateway: King James Versio... Read More »

How to Cite the King James Version?

Surprisingly, most report formats do not require the author to include the Bible on the list of cited references. The only style that requires you to list your King James version Bible is MLA, the... Read More »

How many verses are in the King James Bible?

According to the theology experts at, there are 31,102 total verses in the King James Bible. Of these, 23,145 of the verses appear in the Old Testament and 7,957 are found in the... Read More »