How can i sex with my wife but my wife says i can not piregnet in this time i piregmet after two years?

Answer If you mean something like "should I have unprotected sex with my wife who says she can't get pregnant at this time, but she will be able to get pregnant after two years"I would say trust your wife... Read More »

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What short-lived TV spinoff of Cheers featured Carla's ex-hubby Nick and his new wife played by the real-life wife of Casey Casem?

How old is Keith Lemon?

How to Get Keith Urban's Hairstyle?

Keith Urban is revered for being a country music favorite. He is also well known for having a tousled, carefree hairstyle that many women adore. It is not difficult to obtain the same look for your... Read More »

Who is Keith in the electric company?

If you mean 'who is the actor that plays keith' it is Ricky Smith.