How to Be a Kane Fan?

Answer Kane, the "Big Red Machine" or the "Big Red Monster", has been a fan favorite, a legend for some whether he's a heel or face.

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How did Kane Kramer invent the ipod?

he used the idea from the apple company and used that info for himself he made his own design.

How to Chokeslam an Opponent Like Kane?

It's a little hardcore. But its better than Big Shows it looks a little more realistic and painful. Bear with me!

How to Make a Kane Series Toolkit?

For those of you who read the Kane Chronicles and wished you had one of those cool magical toolkits, or whose child would really like one, you've come to the right place. Here's a step by step guid... Read More »

How to Create a Classic Kane Costume?

Create a costume like the classic WWE Kane used to wear.