I have a Phillips DVD player with surround sound. If I buy a Blue ray DVD player say Sony can I replace the Phillips DVD player with a new Blue ray so I can still use the existing surround sound?

Answer No they can't. Most commercial discs have a region code and players will check the region before playing. If the region code is not the same as the player, it simply won't play. This is a commercia... Read More »

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How old is Bill Phillips?

Bill Phillips is 46 years old (birthdate: September 23, 1964).

Phillips or Sony?

They are basically the same screen anyway.If you like Sony ( I do) then it will be a great product,with loads of standard features and a nice ergonomic feel...but they are lacking in the innovation... Read More »

Phillips or Vizio for a tv?

I found your question to be quite interesting. How good is Phillips? I tried my best to find some kind of definitive explanation from a credible source. Dalzells of MarketHill is a fairly reputabl... Read More »

How to Clean a Phillips Projection TV?

Phillips projection TVs boast large screens and top picture quality. Protect your investment by cleaning the TV according to the manufacturer's instructions. Phillips/Magnavox recommends using only... Read More »