Who is Jeff Gordon's real father?

Answer Jeff Gordon's real father is William Grinnell Gordon. His mother is Carol Ann Bickford. In Jeff's official site biography, he credits his stepfather, John Bickford, with the creation of a makeshift... Read More »

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Did Jeff off the real housewives die?

Is Jeff the Killer real?

yes he is I think, im reading an article about him…

Did Jeff from the real housewives of the oc die?

Yes, unfortunately, he passed away in September, just after the season wrapped. He and Gretchen did not marry prior to his passing.

Are Jeff& Matt Hardy real brothers?

Jeff and Matt Hardy, also known as the Hardy Brothers, are real brothers. The two brothers are also wrestling partners, and once ranked No. 9 in a poll of the 10 most humble people in wrestlingSour... Read More »