When did the Hatfield Mccoy family feud start?

Answer There was bad feeling between these two Appalachian clans dating back to the time of the Civil War, in which the families fought on opposing sides. The actual feud dates from August 7, 1882, when E... Read More »

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When jack James Jim and Jane stand by age jack being the youngest stands first while James brings up the rear however when they stand by height Jim being the shortest stands first while James co?

Who was James II?

James II was the King of Great Britain from 1685 to 1688. He made many attempts to install his Catholic religion into what was then a Protestant nation. His acts became increasingly unpopular, and ... Read More »

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James Patterson and his wife Susan have a son named Jack. All three of them live in Palm Beach, Fla., while Patterson carries on his job as a successful Author Bio... Read More »

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The James's flamingo, also called the puna flamingo or chururu, inhabits highland lakes in western South America. Though not endangered, the bird is difficult to locate in the wild due to its restr... Read More »