How to Recreate the Look of Jacob Black From "Twilight"?

Answer The mysterious Quileute Indian Jacob Black is known in the "Twilight" universe as Bella Swan's best friend/werewolf. Duplicating Jacob's look means adjusting your hair, skin and clothing. Other cha... Read More »

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Which team are u on Edward, Jacob, or team anti-twilight?

Well gee, the name I go by includes "Van Helsing", so I would say that makes me RABIDLY AGAINST THAT EVIL SATANIC JOKE THAT SOME WORTHLESS ****** WHORES MIGHT CALL LITERATURE!!! I AM ANTI-TWILIGHT ... Read More »

QUESTION : The Twilight Series?

Twilight is an excuse for ugly girls to think that a "perfect guy" can like them back.

How many vol: have twilight new moon series help me plz ()?

1st: Twilight2nd: New Moon3rd: Eclipse4th: Breaking Dawn Part 15th: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Does Bella become a vampire in the'Twilight'series?

In "Breaking Dawn," the fourth novel of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" saga, heroine Bella Swan becomes a vampire. Her lover Edward Cullen turns her in order to prevent her death from trauma associa... Read More »