Support local farms and organic farms?

Answer Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes are known for having organic produce and buy locally. They are not perfect and not everything is organic. But they often support local farmers who grow organ... Read More »

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Who is Cody francis?

Japanese Cartoon/animation mainly just for Japan to have their own style of cartoons. and it so happened to be a popular fad elsewhere and became better than American Cartoons

When did Connie Francis die?

Chart-topping ballad singer and actress Connie Francis is alive and lives in Florida. As of 2010, she is 71 years old and still performs. As of May 2010, she was working with electropop producer Ro... Read More »

How to Teach Yourself En Pointe?

Ok I'm not going to tell you how dangerous this is, because you already know. There's no use me trying to stop you. But you have been warned. Be careful.

How to Stand En Pointe?

You have just gotten your first pair of pointe shoes and can't wait to dance in them! You do need to wait until your dance teacher approves of your shoes, you have sewn the ribbons & elastic on the... Read More »