How to Act Like Huey Freeman?

Answer Huey Freeman is one of the main characters on the cartoon, "The Boondocks". He's a modern day revolutionist and pessimist, despite being 10 years old. Mimicking Huey's style isn't that hard, but it... Read More »

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How to grow a afro like huey freeman?

Keep your hair, oil it and if you want longer hair to show, relax your hair with s-curl Afro blowout kit. Then you can get cornrows like reily Freeman !

Just what was the character Howdy Doody Supposed to be he a child or adult was he mentally retarded like Baby Huey what was Howdy all about anyhow?

Who is Ryan Lewis?

Who accompanied Lewis& Clark?

Lewis and Clark were accompanied by Sacajawea, a Native American woman. She worked as a guide and interpreter for the pair during their expedition from 1805 to 1806. Sacajawea is known for having t... Read More »