How to Act Like Huey Freeman?

Answer Huey Freeman is one of the main characters on the cartoon, "The Boondocks". He's a modern day revolutionist and pessimist, despite being 10 years old. Mimicking Huey's style isn't that hard, but it... Read More »

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How to grow a afro like huey freeman?

Keep your hair, oil it and if you want longer hair to show, relax your hair with s-curl Afro blowout kit. Then you can get cornrows like reily Freeman !

Just what was the character Howdy Doody Supposed to be he a child or adult was he mentally retarded like Baby Huey what was Howdy all about anyhow?

Is Lewis a Jewish name?

The name Lewis is not Jewish. The name derived from those found in several regions of Europe. Some Jewish immigrants with similar-sounding names changed their names to Lewis when immigrating to Gre... Read More »

Where did Lewis& Clark come from?

President Thomas Jefferson appointed William Clark and Meriwether Lewis to lead the Corps of Discovery on its expedition. Both men were born in Jefferson's native Virginia in the years prior to the... Read More »