Who is Grey Speedo Boy?

Answer Grey Speedo Boy is an unknown person who was photographed in a gray Speedo bathing suit on a beach in California. His picture became popular online when posted on gay websites.References:Queerterly... Read More »

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Would it bad to wear a grey shirt with a dark and light grey jacket?

Don't care about others. Wear what you like. And it looks O.K. Nothing wrong if you wear it.

Are an African Grey and a grey macaw different?

African Grey parrots and macaws are different. There are only two types of African Grey parrots: the larger parrot Congo and the smaller parrot Timneh. Macaws do not share the same voice as the Afr... Read More »

Is it true that if you pull out one grey hair, more than one grey hair will grow back in its place?

This is NOT true. Each hair has a folicle that it grows out of. You only have a certain amount of them. If you pull one hair 2 or more cannot grow in the same folicle and you cannot grow new folicles.

How to Buy a Speedo?

Speedo is a popular manufacturer of swimsuits that come in all shapes and sizes. However, many people associate Speedos with the briefs type of swimwear worn by men, a style that is very popular in... Read More »