What brand of guitar did George Harrison play?

Answer George Harrison didn't limit himself to one guitar when he played with the Beatles, though the Gibson website cites a 1957 Les Paul Stanford as one of his notable guitars. He also used a Rickenback... Read More »

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Which amp did george harrison use with his rickenbacker 12 string guitar?

George Harrison of the Beatles first used a Rickenbacker amplifier to play his Rickenbacker 360/12 string guitar. Later, he used a Vox amplifier. Through manager Brian Epstein, the group was endors... Read More »

What type of guitar did George Harrison play?

George Harrison played a number of different guitars during his career with the Beatles. According to the Gibson Guitar Website, those guitars included a Rickenbacker 360/12, a Gretsch Country Gen... Read More »

What kind of guitar did George Harrison play?

George Harrison, former member of The Beatles and successful solo artist, played several different guitars during his career, including a Rickenbacker 360/12, Gretsch Country Gentleman, Epiphone Ca... Read More »

Did George Harrison give up a child for adoption?

No, it's just a rumor. George only had one son, Dhani, who he kept and raised.