What is the best home theater receiver Not speakers, I have speakers and just need the receiver part.?

Answer denon will get you your best for your money. i have 3 receivers. avr1612, avr3313, and rxv473, my favorites are my Denon's. onkyo is pretty good for the price as well and usually more feature packe... Read More »

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Best Option for Stereo Receiver?

The Marantz slim line is actually a good way to go for you you could also try a Cambridge Audio 551R or a Sherwood RD 5405 but the Marantz NR 1402 has the best line up of features for the price...... Read More »

Who makes the best quality A/V receiver?

Sony never truely made good A/V receivers .Yamaha is a better choice .So is Harman Kardon , Marantz .

Who makes the best 2-channel stereo receiver?

On One Hand: Harman Kardon Has Its Fans.Two-channel stereo receivers are still considered superior to their multichannel cousins when it comes to music, and the $450 Harmon Kardon HK-3490 is often ... Read More »