When did Eli Manning join the Giants?

Answer Eli Manning was originally the first overall draft pick in the 2004 NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers. He did not want to play for the Chargers, though, and turned down the offer. A trade was se... Read More »

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Did Archie manning have any siblings?

A negative one since it costs millions to support the parents and child when it comes living expenses, health, delayed schooling, free daycare etc.

What information is there on Peyton Manning and DirecTV?

Go to their web site and get the phone number for your area or write them an email using the tab given on the site.

Should PEYTON MANNING stop making LOCAL commericals?

What is your favorite thing about Starr Manning on OLTL?

well i have only kinda have been watching for about 4 years but i occasionally watched her with my grandmother and she made me always laugh how she was devious bratty kid and then became a normal t... Read More »