What telescope did Hubble use for Hubble's law?

Answer Hubble used the Hooker telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory, the most powerful on earth in 1924, to discover Hubble's law. He discovered that the farther away a galaxy is from earth, the faster it... Read More »

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What did Edwin Aldrin discover?

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin is best known for being the pilot of the Apollo 11 during the first manned lunar landing on July 20, 1969. He was the second man to walk on the Moon, following Neil Armstrong on... Read More »

How to Be Like Edwin from Life With Derek?

You have learned how to be like Derek...and Casey...and now you are looking for something new! No problem! Here is an Edwin article.

What was Edwin Chadwick famous for?

Sir Edwin Chadwick was a social reformer and politician in Britain during the Victorian era. He is most famous for his advocacy for sanitation reforms, including changes in sewage management and pu... Read More »

What did Edwin Chadwick produce in 1842?

Edwin Chadwick published "Chadwick's Sanitary Report" in 1842. It referenced the then-appalling conditions of many poor, working-class neighborhoods in Great Britain. Chadwick held the position of ... Read More »