Is Dr Spencer Reid gay?

Answer I don't think it has ever come up in the show. I seem to recall he has had some dates or love interests at different times.

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How do you get a job like Dr Spencer Reid?

Recognizing that free advice is worth what you pay for it, the following is provided free of charge. It is based on my experience and therefore is somewhat limited and even if it were more expansiv... Read More »

Why does Spencer Reid needs insulin?

He doesn't. The injections he was giving himself in earlier seasons were due to an addiction problem he had after his encounter with the serial killer with disassociation identity disorder in The B... Read More »

What episode does Spencer reid's dad first appear?

He first appears in Dr. Reid's first drug induced flashback in "Revelations." (2x15). His present appearance is first seen in "The Instincts" (4x6) during a dream Spencer has near the end of the ep... Read More »

Who are Noah reid's siblings?

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