Who is Dave lister?

Answer One of the four main characters on a very little known cult British comedy. He is an utter slob, loves curry, vindaloo, a woman named Kichansky who died 3 million years prior, and cigarettes. He li... Read More »

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Where does Dave Lister claim to have lost his virginity age 12?

on a golf course which he wasnt a member of, which totally freaks out rimmer

How to Act Like Lister (Red Dwarf)?

The main character of the wildly popular science fiction series, Red Dwarf, has been an icon for slackers since the 1990s. Learn how to act like he does, with a blatant disregard for any rules!

Is the last name Lister Irish?

The surname Lister is a Scottish variation of the Irish Gaelic name Mac an Fhleisdeir, which means “son of the arrow maker.” It is also an occupational English name derived from the Norse “li... Read More »

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