Who is Cosmo and Wanda's baby?

Answer His name is Poof.

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How old is cosmo?

About the same age as tails. :)

How to Be a Cosmo Girl?

The Cosmo girl was the original epitome of the independent single woman: money-loving, sex-loving, into fashion and career. Cosmo girls know everything about fashion; they walk the walk, and talk t... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Cosmo?

The name Cosmo originated in Greek and Italian, meaning order, as well as organization and beauty. Cosmo originated with St. Cosmas, a martyr alongside his twin brother, St. Damian, in the fourth c... Read More »

Who is cosmo the plant?

Cosmo is a plant from Sonic X. She appears in no other tv show, nor a game. She has buds on her head, and, over time, fell in love with Miles "Tails"Prower." She sacrifices herself to save her kind... Read More »