What is Cindy McCain the heiress of?

Answer Cindy McCain, the wife of Senator John McCain, is the daughter of Jim Hensley, the founder of Hensley. Hensley began in 1955 and is the third largest Anheuser-Busch wholesaler in the United States.... Read More »

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How old is Cindy brunson of ESPN?

Nevermind, I apparently forgot that on the Mac, things are under Firefox-Preferences. I still can't get ESPN Insider's "Rumor Central" to load without getting an error message about cookies. Maybe ... Read More »

Do you want Cindy to be alive?

It would certainly put the cat among the pidgeons so to speak with Ian wouldn't it ?!!! Nothing seems to have been leaked in the press about this story line so I don't know if she is really alive ... Read More »

Do you remember Cindy Jordan?

I am burning a candle for Cindy and her daughter as we speak. I don't think most people know how many first moms try to kill themselves. Out of all the fmoms I have met only one or two haven't trie... Read More »

Is Cindy brunson of ESPN black?

Actually, Cindy Brunson is half black. Her mother's white, her father is black.She's part black - 1/4th.