What is the name of Christine's brother on TV's The New Adventures of Old Christine?

Answer Matthew

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What is the origin of the last name nguyen?

One of the most popular surnames in Vietnam, Nguyen, traces its origins to Shang Dynasty China. Chinese pronounce this name as Ruan, but the name uses the same character in both Vietnamese and Chin... Read More »

Who is Christine from'Phantom of the Opera'?

Christine Daae is the heroine of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Phantom of the Opera," based on the novel by Gaston Leroux. She is an orphan who works in an opera chorus while being secretly tuto... Read More »

How many cars were used in the film"Christine"?

The movie "Christine," released in 1983, was based on the 1982 novel of the same name written by Stephen King. The movie featured a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury vehicle. There were 23 1958 Plymouth... Read More »

Why is it called The New Adventures of Old Christine?

ANSWER: It is called The New Adventures Of Old Christine because in the first episode Christine has a divorce and Christine's husband has a new girl friend also named Christine. So the first Christ... Read More »