Is"Billy Elliot"a true story?

Answer No, the screenplay for "Billy Elliott" is not based on a true story. Instead, screenwriter Lee Hall created the character. Hall did receive inspiration from the story of Thomas Allen, a renowned ba... Read More »

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How to Be Like Elliot from Scrubs?

A guide to being like one of the female stars of the hit show, "Scrubs".

In scrubs does JD end up with Elliot?

Yes, in season 7. She is pregnant with his child in season 8 and they get married.

Can Elliot Blueberries Do Well in Shade?

Blueberries are hardy fruit plants that grow in cool areas of the country. These bushes require cold snaps in winter and cannot thrive in hot, humid areas. They do require warmth and sun in the sum... Read More »

Did JD in scrubs have a baby with Elliot?