What is the meaning of the name Andre?

Answer The name Andre is French in origin, with an alternative English origin--Andrew. It is most commonly used as a masculine name. The name is a symbol of strength. It means manly or courageous.Source... Read More »

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What is Andre Derain's most famous painting?

Andre Derain, born in 1880, was a well-known painter who worked with both Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Derain is not known for any one specific painting, as he gained fame after being hired by ... Read More »

What color eyes does Peter Andre have?

Did Andre Marie Ampere have siblings?

Why does Andre Champagne give me a headache the next day?

too much sugar,the best champagnes are dry,the lower the quality of wine the more residual sugar they allow to remainin finished product.french champagne like Dom or Crystal are very,very,dry,that... Read More »