Question for Alex, only Alex may answer?

Answer 1. Well King, I am taking Math 107 in the summer because I want to graduate by next spring and get my General Associate's. 2. I will still work at Jimmy John's3. I might go to Cedar Point with a bu... Read More »

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How does alex from csi Miami die?

She doesn't die. in fact she quits because she wants to spend more time with her family. When she leaves the crime lab she goes on to become a great doctor at the local hospital and is featured in ... Read More »

Which name is better Teddy or Alex?

Teddy sounds more like a nickname. Alex sounds more like a name but it could also be a nickname. I think that when choosing names you should look behind the meaning of them and then choose. Alex ca... Read More »

How old is Alex Riley?

Who is Alex Durham?

SPAZZM! Famous phrases "Why do you hate me?"