Who invented yogurt who?

Answer I don't think anyone knows since it was so long ago, but probably in Central Asia.I think it may have been a discovery too rather than an invention--that milk could be preserved when fermented and ... Read More »

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Who invented flavored yogurt?

The Dannon Company, Inc., invented flavored yogurt in 1947. The first flavored yogurt was yogurt with strawberry fruit on the bottom. Other flavors soon followed, including raspberry, blueberry, le... Read More »

Who invented the yogurt maker?

George Castinis registered the first United States Patent for a yogurt maker on December 11, 1978. Castinis was living in New York on 6th Avenue at the time. His machine made yogurt with just hot w... Read More »

When was yoplait yogurt invented&by whom?

In 1965 the SODIMA foundation, created by combining six regional dairy cooperatives in France, blended the brand names of two of the cooperatives, Yola and Coplait, to form the Yoplait brand, acco... Read More »

How to Make a Leban or Yogurt Culture to Mix With Making Yogurt?

Laban is the Lebanese word for yogurt, a living food, with an interesting history. To preserve the bacterial culture needed to make laban, cloth was soaked in yogurt, dried and carried with Lebanes... Read More »