Who invented writing paper?

Answer The Chinese inventor Tsai Lun is credited with inventing the first writing paper in the year 105 A.D. He made the first paper from hemp, rags, tree bark and fishnets.Source:Silk Road: The History o... Read More »

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Who invented Chinese writing?

Ancient Chinese writing began in the Shang Dynasty in 1500 BCE as a logographic language. Pictographs from the ancient tribesman became fashioned into the language we see today. Linear and styliz... Read More »

What year was writing paper invented?

In as early as 4,000 BC, the ancient Egyptians created sheets of papyrus by slicing papyrus stalks. In 104 CE, Chinese inventor Ts'ai Lun extracted the inner bark of a mulberry tree and mixed it wi... Read More »

How to Teach Fifth-Grade Writing for the North Carolina Writing Test?

The North Carolina Board of Education Department of Public Instruction administers standardized tests to students as they exit grades three through eight and grade ten as part of the Accountability... Read More »

How do you refer to Facebook and Twitter in writing (newswriting/opinion writing)?

1. If you are intending to share a website then you can paste link of that site in your status and can share it to public or to your friends. Anyone of your friends or the general facebook users wh... Read More »