Who invented wiretapping?

Answer According to 2005 National Public Radio story, wiretapping--listening in on the private conversations of others via telephone--dates to the invention of the telephone itself in 1876. Almost anyone ... Read More »

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How Do I Know If Someone Is Wiretapping My Phone?

With the improvements in technology, it is easy for anybody to become a super spy and to tap your phone. As a matter of fact, with a $30 piece of equipment from any online spy store, somebody can b... Read More »

How many terrorists have been found with wiretapping?

Mata Hari was a spy, and she was a girl. The Philippine Islands had their spy-girls (for BOTH sides) as well.

FBI head who authorized wiretapping and infiltration of groups suspected of subversion?

to apply to the CIA you need to go onto their website ( and go through the application process there they will explain the details to you but as they warn you on the website they do in dept... Read More »

Who invented invented the vacuum cleaner?

The first upright vacuum cleaner was invented by a janitor in Canton, Ohio- James Spangler in 1907. On June 2, 1908, he received US Patent Number 889,823 for a Carpet Sweeper and Cleaner.