Who invented wind generators?

Answer The first known wind generator was built by inventor Charles F. Brush. In the winter of 1887 to 1888, Brush built a huge windmill, 60 feet tall and weighing 40 tons, in his backyard. He used it to ... Read More »

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DIY Wind Power Generators?

Wind turbines provide a simple means of living off the electrical grid. Whether you are a camper who needs just a little power or a homesteader trying to provide for all of his energy needs, a Savo... Read More »

How to Build Low Wind Generators?

Wind turbines depend on a steady wind source to generate ample enough electricity for use in a home. If you are using a battery backup as part of your system, then you will need at least a steady 5... Read More »

Do wind generators produce AC or DC power?

This all depends on the design of the actual generating equipment used in a given wind generation system. Wind generation systems equipped with typical "alternators" deliver alternating current (AC... Read More »

How do wind generators produce electricity?

Everyone counts on turning on a lamp with the flick of a switch; that the electricity will be there to power the lamp. Yet people give very little thought to how that electricity is produced or tha... Read More »