Who invented wind electric power?

Answer The first windmill created for the production of electricity was built in 1887 by Professor James Blyth of Anderson College in Glasglow, Scotland. The windmill charged accumulators that were produc... Read More »

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Who invented the typewriter battery dishwasher paper clip internal combustion engine and electric power?

If the wind speed doubles what happens to the theoretical wind power?

When wind speed doubles, the theoretical wind power increases by eight times. This is because wind power is determined by the equation "P = 0.5 x rho x A x V^3". Where A is the size of the turbine... Read More »

Does electric utility meter read real power or apparent power?

Apparent power contains "real power" + other forms of power that returns to the source after creating magnetic properties for inductance type loads. The power company does not bill you for this ser... Read More »

Is solar power better than wind power?

On One Hand: Wind Energy Has AdvantagesWind energy creates electricity when giant windmills have their turbines spun by wind current. Windmills do not require as much ground space as solar plants b... Read More »