When was the first black and white tv invented?

Answer American engineer Philo T. Farnsworth invented the first black and white TV in 1926. His dissector tube used a stream of electrons to project horizontal lines of a moving image onto a screen.Source... Read More »

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Who invented white bread?

As bread has been around since before recorded history, there is not really any one person who is documented as the "inventor" of white bread. The first breads were made approximately 10000 years B... Read More »

Who invented white flour?

White flour goes back to the Roman and Egyptian times. It was used only by the elite class at the time. The Industrial Revolution provided an economical way to produce flour in greater quantities. ... Read More »

Who invented white chalk?

White chalk was not invented; it is a substance that occurs naturally. Shells and teeth from a variety of animals collect and eventually, over the course of millions of years, become a calcified fo... Read More »

When were white board erasers first invented in the U.S.?

The first whiteboard eraser was patented as number 4937910 on July 3, 1990. It was invented by Thomas G. Frazier, who applied for the patent on November 30, 1988. The cover was made of a chemical-r... Read More »