Who invented wheel chairs?

Answer The very first wheelchair was invented by Phillip II of Spain, four centuries ago. The first folding steel wheelchair was invented by Harry Jennings in 1933. However, it was built by Harry's friend... Read More »

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Virginia Law on Motorized Wheel Chairs?

Motorized wheelchairs help and assist disabled and elderly users to get around safely. However, since some users cannot safely operate a car, they may be forced to cross roads or even drive their m... Read More »

Do battery powered wheel chairs have deep cycle batteries?

Yes, deep cycle batteries are used in electric wheelchairs. Due to their solid lead plates, deep cycle batteries are capable of cycling down to 20 percent of their full capacity, which is great for... Read More »

How to Use Patio Chairs Instead of Traditional Kitchen Chairs?

Decorating certain rooms of your house may seem like a no-brainer. When it comes to the kitchen, nearly every kitchen needs a table and chairs. However, using outdoor furniture such as patio chairs... Read More »

Who invented the three wheel car?

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, an engineer in the French Army, is recognized as the inventor of the first three-wheeled vehicle, which was both self-propelled and able to transport a person. Cugnot built h... Read More »