Who invented video art?

Answer Nam June Paik is widely credited with the birth of video art. In 1965, he videotaped Pope John Paul's procession through New York City. In the same day, he broadcast those tapes in a café in the G... Read More »

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I need to know how the video camera was invented?

Dont be lazy google it, you will find stuff like this...The complete history of the video camera is contained within only the last century or so, but as with many forms of modern technology, no one... Read More »

Who invented the Video Commander?

The Video Commander was invented by Joseph N. Jackson. If you have ever enjoyed the use of a programmable DVR, VCR, Tivo or television remote, you can look to Jackson as the man who made them possi... Read More »

Who invented the first music video?

George Thomas created the first music video in the 1890s. He photographed people acting out a song, transferred the photographs to slides and projected the slides on a screen as musicians performed... Read More »

Who invented video cameras and when?

The 1930s was the earliest date with the BBC doing work. The earliest video cameras were those of John Logie Baird, based on the electromechanical Nipkow disk and used by the BBC in experimental br... Read More »