Who invented video art?

Answer Nam June Paik is widely credited with the birth of video art. In 1965, he videotaped Pope John Paul's procession through New York City. In the same day, he broadcast those tapes in a café in the G... Read More »

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Who invented Flip Video?

Pure Digital Technologies invented the Flip Video brand line of camcorders in 2006. It was originally marketed under the name Pure Digital Point and Shoot. The company remarketed the camcorder unde... Read More »

Who invented digital video?

Who invented the video telescope?

Contrary to popular belief, Galileo did not invent the first video telescope. It began with a spyglass made by a Dutch lens grinder named Hans Lipperhey. Galileo showed the world his first telescop... Read More »

Who invented the Video Commander?

The Video Commander was invented by Joseph N. Jackson. If you have ever enjoyed the use of a programmable DVR, VCR, Tivo or television remote, you can look to Jackson as the man who made them possi... Read More »