Who invented the air brakes for trains?

Answer George Westinghouse is credited as the inventor of the automatic compressed air brake system. He submitted the patent for his fail-safe system on March 5, 1872. The air brake was first successfully... Read More »

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Who invented air brakes for trains?

George Westinghouse is the inventor of air brakes for trains. The air breaks, which use the method of compressing air, became widely used in 1893 because of the Railroad Safety Act. The brakes were... Read More »

Who invented electric trains?

A German scientist named Werner Von Siemens created the first electric train, exhibited in 1879 at a Berlin trade exhibition. An exclusive track was made for the train, which carried up to 30 passe... Read More »

Who invented the coupler thats used on trains today?

A quick correction.It is a knuckle coupler, but it is properly called an 'automatic coupler'.If you see pictures of older equipment with a first generation of the Janney automatic coupler, you'll s... Read More »

Why do long trains take longer to stop than short trains?

It's all based on weight. We use a figure called tons per operative brake(tpob). The more T.P.O.B your train has the longer it takes to stop it. If you had a short heavy train and a long light trai... Read More »