Do temporary traffic lights hold the same importance as normal traffic lights?

Answer All government and city posted traffic signs and signals are to be treated as outlined in your DMV manual. If you go again permanent as well as temporary signs and signals, you are breaking the la... Read More »

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What Are Those Little Blue Lights Under the Traffic Lights in Central Florida?

According to Orlando’s Wesh TV2, “Little blue lights on traffic signals alert authorities from all angles that the signal below it has turned red.”

Who was the traffic engineer who invented the traffic signal?

GARRETT MORGAN is the answer for radio trivia:-)sm

Traffic lights out....UK?

Excellent question.Nobody has right of way (Priority actually), it must be treated as an unmarked crossroad irrespective of the size/type of roads involved.Try barging through at 30mph on a driving... Read More »

How to traffic lights work?

It's a combination of timers and sensors. Some just change at set intervals while others also use sensors to determine whether there is heavy traffic flow and such to determine when to change. Th... Read More »