Who invented tig welding?

Answer While working at the Northrop Aircraft Company between 1939 and 1941, Russell Meredith invented the TIG process of welding, a process called "Heliarc." Meredith used an electric arc to melt the bas... Read More »

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When was welding invented?

Nikolia Bernardos, a Russian inventor, invented the carbon electrode welding process in 1881. In 1892 he further developed his invention with electric welding. Bernardos "was the founder of mechani... Read More »

When was orbital welding invented?

The process of orbital welding was developed throughout the 1950s, and was first used by North American Aviation to weld hydraulic lines. Orbital welding found further use in the 1960s in the quick... Read More »

Who invented the orbital tube for welding?

Gasparas Kazlauskas is the inventor of the orbital tube welding head. At the time of his invention in the 1960's, he worked for North American Aviation as a senior mechanical design engineer workin... Read More »

Who invented or patented the electric welding machine?

According to, the electric welding machine uses a variable resistor to control a transformer and an inductor to maintain the electric arc stiff during welding. It was invented by Gu... Read More »