Who invented thermos bottles?

Answer In 1892, a British scientist named James Dewar invented the vacuum thermos that became popular through companies like Thermos, Stanley and Aladdin in the beginning of the 20th century, when they st... Read More »

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Who makes UNO-VAC thermos bottles?

UNO-VAC thermos bottles were manufactured by the Union Manufacturing Co. located in Meriden, Connecticut. The first trademark for the UNO-VAC name was registered by the company on December 6, 1965.... Read More »

Who invented the Thermos flask?

James Dewar invented the Thermos flask in 1892. He was a scientist at Oxford University in England. The name Thermos comes from the Greek word therme, which means heat. Commercial production of the... Read More »

Who invented caps for bottles&jars?

William Painter invented the first bottle cap in Baltimore in 1892. He called it the "crown cork" and created the Crown Cork and Seal Company to produce and market it. New Yorker John L. Mason intr... Read More »

Who invented plastic soda bottles?

The plastic soda bottle was invented by Nathaniel Wyeth in 1967. After Wyeth was told that plastic bottles could not be used because the bottle would explode in the refrigerator, he experimented an... Read More »