Who invented the zipper in 1893?

Answer According to the Enchanted Learning website, Whitcomb L. Judson received credit for inventing the zipper, a device he patented August 29, 1893. Judson, an engineer from Chicago, called his version ... Read More »

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Who made the first zipper in 1893?

Whitcomb Judson patented his "clasp-locker" in 1893 and exhibited it at the Chicago World's Fair. The name, however, wasn't coined until 1921 when the B. F. Goodrich company named their galoshes t... Read More »

Who invented the projector in 1893?

In 1893 Thomas Edison patented the Kinetoscope projector that he invented in 1891. His projector could be used by one person at a time and it was a peep-show device in which a roll of film was move... Read More »

Who invented the sewing machine in 1893?

The first sewing machine was patented well before 1893, in 1791 by Thomas Saint. The first sewing machine as we would recognize it was invented by Barthelemy Thimonneir in 1829. But it wasn't until... Read More »

Where was the first zipper invented?

Inventor Elias Howe created the first known zipper in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1851. A string, rather than a fastener, zipped this early version. Howe didn't develop the invention further. The ... Read More »