Who invented the zip drive?

Answer According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fred C. Thomas invented many of the critical components of Iomega products such as the Zip drive, Floptical drive and Rev drive. He also inve... Read More »

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When was the zip drive invented?

The zip drive was one of the first removable digital storage solutions available to consumers. Introduced by Iomega in 1994, the original zip drive was able to hold up to 100 mb of data.Source:Comp... Read More »

Who invented the drive-through?

It is unclear who invented or built the first drive-through. City Center Bank in Syracuse opened the first drive-up teller service in 1928. The Exchange National Bank of Chicago opened a drive-up t... Read More »

Who invented the flash drive&when?

A Toshiba developer, Dr. Fujio Masuoka, invented the flash drive in 1984. Early versions of the flash drive ran on a NOR memory base. Current versions run on a NAND memory base.Source:USB Pen Drives

Who invented the first hard drive?

The hard disk drive was created by IBM inventor Reynold Johnson and his team in 1956. IBM called the product the "350 RAMAC" and continued to sell it until 1969. Johnson, who passed away in 1998, w... Read More »