Who invented the wind up torch?

Answer The wind up torch was invented by Trevor Graham Baylis. Born in the Kilburn area of London on May 13, 1937, he went on to be a prominent inventor in the field of Electronics. As of 2010, Baylis re... Read More »

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Who invented the torch?

The torch, also known as the flashlight, was invented in 1902 by Russian-born inventor Conrad Hubert. Hubert created the flashlight and in August of 1903 received the U.S. patent crediting him with... Read More »

Who invented the wind generator?

Charles F. Brush invented the world's first wind generator in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1887. The wind generator produced 12 kilowatts of power for Charles Brush's home and ran for 12 years.Source:Charle... Read More »

Who invented wind generators?

The first known wind generator was built by inventor Charles F. Brush. In the winter of 1887 to 1888, Brush built a huge windmill, 60 feet tall and weighing 40 tons, in his backyard. He used it to ... Read More »

Who invented wind turbines?

While wind turbines have existed since 200 B.C., when they were used in Persia to grind grain, the first automatically operating wind turbine for the purpose of electricity generation was built in ... Read More »