Who invented the wind tunnel?

Answer The first wind tunnel was designed and built by Frank H. Wenham in 1871. Wenham's wind tunnel was 12 feet long and 18 inches square. The Wright brothers were the first to incorporate the wind tunn... Read More »

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What is a wind tunnel?

Wind tunnels are used widely to test the aerodynamic properties of aircraft, spacecraft and automobiles. Wind tunnels come in many sizes, although they share similar characteristics. Some wind tunn... Read More »

What is a wind tunnel used for?

A wind tunnel is used for the testing of the aerodynamic properties of various aircraft, missiles and cars. A current of air is blown through the tunnel and maintained at a constant velocity during... Read More »

Car Wind Tunnel Testing?

Aerodynamics is one of the factors considered when car manufacturers test new automobile designs. An aerodynamic car has many advantages over a vehicle that is less aerodynamically sound.

How Does Air Move Through a Vertical Wind Tunnel?

Aerodynamists design wind tunnels for many purposes. Automobile and airplane manufacturers use wind tunnels to test the effects of wind resistance and airflow on their products. Architects use them... Read More »