Who invented the wii console?

Answer The Wii, which is manufactured by Nintendo, was not invented by one sole person. As with many projects of this magnitude, it was a joint effort which involved several Nintendo employees from variou... Read More »

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Who invented the mixing console?

Bill Putnam (1920-1989) invented the mixing console. Known as "the father of modern recording," Putnam built custom consoles during the 1950s to record legendary artists including Frank Sinatra, Du... Read More »

Who invented the console radio?

The Showers Brothers Company, a family-owned furniture business in Indiana, debuted its line of radio cabinets in the spring of 1925. Later that year, the Showers company partnered with Ramway Radi... Read More »

Do you need a Wii console to have the Wii Fit?

Yes, you need a Nintendo Wii console in order to play Wii Fit. Wii Fit is a video game on a disk that must be placed into the Nintendo Wii, and the included Balance Board needs to communicate wirel... Read More »

What is a Wii Virtual Console?

The Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii collects hundreds of games from video gaming history from such platforms as the NES, Super NES, Genesis, Turbografx-16 and more. Players can purchase games u... Read More »