Who invented the wii console?

Answer The Wii, which is manufactured by Nintendo, was not invented by one sole person. As with many projects of this magnitude, it was a joint effort which involved several Nintendo employees from variou... Read More »

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Who invented the console radio?

The Showers Brothers Company, a family-owned furniture business in Indiana, debuted its line of radio cabinets in the spring of 1925. Later that year, the Showers company partnered with Ramway Radi... Read More »

Who invented the mixing console?

Bill Putnam (1920-1989) invented the mixing console. Known as "the father of modern recording," Putnam built custom consoles during the 1950s to record legendary artists including Frank Sinatra, Du... Read More »

Console a Griever?

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How to Build a Car Console?

Many cars don't have center consoles in them, while many consoles in older cars become outdated. Having the essential parts and accessories in your car's center console makes daily driving more com... Read More »