Who invented the wheelchair ramp?

Answer Philip L. Petersen of California invented the portable wheelchair ramp. The ramp was designed to permit a wheelchair to negotiate steps with or without an assistant, as well as for storage and tran... Read More »

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How Steep Should a Wheelchair Ramp Be?

The Internet gives us so many conveniences that we may rarely think of the looming dangers. Protect yourself, your business or your children from potholes on the information superhighway with softw... Read More »

ADA Requirements for a Bus Wheelchair Ramp?

Equal access to public transportation "is a critical right.guaranteed ... for people with disabilities[.]" To guarantee that right, the federal government has enacted multiple statutes, agencies an... Read More »

How to Design Your Own Wheelchair Ramp?

Wheelchair ramps are essential for increasing the mobility and independence of wheelchair users and should be part of the planning stage for all new public buildings. For existing buildings, there ... Read More »

How to Build a Wheelchair Ramp?

While most private residences in the U.S.A. are not required to have wheelchair ramps, they are often necessary and useful for individuals with mobility issues, for babes in strollers, and any othe... Read More »