Who invented the weather radar?

Answer The original principal of the weather radar was discovered by Christian Doppler in 1842, though the technology did not yet exist. Several scientists contributed to the development of radar, but Rob... Read More »

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Where do weather satellite radar images come from?

Weather radar images come from orbiting satellites called geostationary, as they remain fixed at certain points across the globe. GOES and NEXRAD radar satellites determine wind speed and cloud cov... Read More »

In the movie Twister, which company is advertised on the weather radar?

In the movie 1996 movie "Twister," the company advertised on the weather radar is Pepsi-Cola. This clever product placement in the film used Pepsi logo icons to stand for wind velocity markers. The... Read More »

Who invented the radar gun?

Dale Smith invented the Fuzzbuster in 1970 in response to reduction to the national speed limit, which was caused by the Arab Oil Embargo. The Fuzzbuster became synonymous with the term radar detec... Read More »

What year was radar invented?

The invention of radar took place over several decades, according to the Franklin Institute. Heinrich Hertz discovered the basic principles of radio waves in 1887. Christian Hülsmeyer developed a ... Read More »