Who invented the waterbed?

Answer The first waterbed was created by an English doctor to eliminate bedsores in convalescing patients. Although the physician, William Hooper, patented his idea in 1883, he was unable to develop it su... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Waterbed?

It is important to perform the steps for setting up a waterbed in the right order. Once a waterbed mattress is filled with water, it becomes too heavy to move. It is therefore important that the be... Read More »

How to Buy, Own and Use a Waterbed?

The benefits of buying and using a Waterbed are endless, and the comfort completely unique. If you want to know how to buy, use and love one, you've certainly come to the right article.

Waterbed Information?

Using a waterbed can have profound effects on quality of sleep not experienced by sleeping on traditional bed mattresses. Because waterbeds shape perfectly to a person's body and distribute pressur... Read More »

At what temperature should a waterbed be set?

On One Hand: Use a Base TemperatureAccording to Best Bed Guide, a temperature between 81 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit is best for most people. Use this reference as a base point for finding your own ... Read More »