Who invented the volt?

Answer The term "volt," was created by a group of scientists in honor of Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist who is most noted for his invention of the electric battery in 1800.Source:The Great Idea Fi... Read More »

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Who invented the volt meter?

Many people have invented different types of voltmeters. The most famous inventor is Lord Kelvin, who invented the multicellular voltmeter. W.E. Ayrton also invented a similar type of voltmeter. Ca... Read More »

Who invented the 9 volt battery?

Energizer Holdings, formerly Eveready Battery Company, introduced the first 9-volt battery (also known as a PP3 battery) in 1956. These batteries are common in smoke detectors and were used widely... Read More »

What happens when 240 volt equipment is plugged into a 120 volt source or if 110-120 volt equipment is plugged into a 60 volt source assuming all alternating current?

Assuming all alternating current and all at the same or similar frequency (say, 50-60Hz), nothing much will happen on a device using a linear transformer. A linear transformer (one that is made of ... Read More »

How can you run a US electric dryer that uses 240 volt 60 Hz single phase on a 240 volt 50Hz circuit in Asia?

Unfortunately, this is probably not practical. Though electric clothes dryers are made as wholly 240 volt 50Hz units - for use in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world - all the residential drye... Read More »