Who invented the very first harp?

Answer Although the exact inventor of the harp has never been pinpointed, history suggests that the harp was first invented around 3000 BC by the Egyptians. It is visible in ancient Egyptian paintings and... Read More »

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Who invented the very first movie?

Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince (1842-1890), a French inventor, is responsible for the first motion picture ever made, the two-second long "Roundhay Garden Scene" (1888). Prince mysteriously vanishe... Read More »

Who invented the very first computer?

I thought that it was accredited to Charles Babbage.Edit; I just found this name, KONRAD ZUSE (1910-1995)

Who invented the very first vacuum cleaner?

Answer if they come out, use a sink Otherwise I like "Mean Green" and a rag.

Who invented the very first semi truck?

August Charles Fruehauf invented the first semi truck (or tractor-trailer truck) in 1914 as a favor to a farmer who wanted a convenient way to transport his boat to the water. The Detroit-based bla... Read More »