Who invented the very first harp?

Answer Although the exact inventor of the harp has never been pinpointed, history suggests that the harp was first invented around 3000 BC by the Egyptians. It is visible in ancient Egyptian paintings and... Read More »

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Who invented the harp instrument?

The earliest harps come from ancient Egypt around 2500 BC. They were shaped like bows and only had a few strings since they did not have a column to support much string tension.Source:History of th... Read More »

How to Play Lap Harp?

Have you ever wanted to play Lap Harp? If your a child and want to play Harp a Lap Harp will get you Started. It really isn't that Complicated!

How to Tune a Lap Harp?

The lap harp, a small string instrument in concert pitch that is popular with young children, can be a wonderful first instrument to learn on, and is also a favorite of some more experienced studen... Read More »

How to Draw a Harp?

Do you hear that? It sounds so peaceful, like I'm floating on a cloud. Learn to draw your very own harp with this simple tutorial.