Who invented the vcr recorder?

Answer Charles Paulson Ginsburg invented the first videotape cassette recorder. Leading the research team at Ampex Corporation, he introduced the recorder in March of 1956. The first videotape cassette re... Read More »

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Who invented the soprano recorder?

The inventor of the soprano recorder lived in the Middle Ages, and his or her name has been lost to history. The first written record of the recorder was found in a 1388 document. Mr. Arnold Dolme... Read More »

Who invented the first DVD Recorder?

Answer: "The First DVD Recorder was invented on December 2005 by Robin Woolum when Robin Woolum got a DVD Recorder at Wal-Mart near Richmond, IN 47374!!!!!!"

Who invented the video cassette recorder?

The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) demonstrated an experimental videotape recorder in 1953. Later, Charles Ginsburg led a research team at Ampex Corporation to develop a more practical videotap... Read More »

Who invented the recorder musical instrument?

The inventor of the recorder musical instrument remains unknown, although the recorder was depicted in European paintings dating back to the 11th century. The oldest surviving recorder is the Dordr... Read More »